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EP I & EP II Plus The Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session (LP)
Japanese Television
Tip Top Recordings
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February 28, 2020
  • Vinyl, 12"

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From the ashes of three psychedelic rock bands, rose Japanese Television, Al Brown, Alex Lawton, Ian Thorn and Tim David Jones - who formed with a shared vision of creating a modern psychedelic space-surf-soundscape. The band went into the studio with Kristian Bell of The Wytches who captured the raw spirit of their live performance, recording to 8-track tape. The tracks make up their debut self-titled 2018 EP, which was named as an EP of the year by both Gideon Coe and Amy Lame at BBC 6 Music, and in 2019 EP II, which both sold out physically.

The new release combines the sold out EP I & EP II with the addition of four brilliant bonus live Marc Riley BBC 6 Music Session tracks recorded in 2019 on limited 300 copies edition heavyweight vinyl.

  1. 1 Tick Tock Japanese Television  
  2. 2 Surfing Saucers Japanese Television  
  3. 3 Country Joe Japanese Television  
  4. 4 Lizard Moon Japanese Television  
  5. 5 Tick Tock - Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session Japanese Television  
  6. 6 Lizard Moon - Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session Japanese Television  
  7. 7 Crocodile Dentist - Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session Japanese Television  
  8. 8 Uncle Doovy Japanese Television  
  9. 9 Bruno's Nightmare Japanese Television  
  10. 10 Slime Japanese Television  
  11. 11 Bloodworm Japanese Television  
  12. 12 Crocodile Dentist Japanese Television  
  13. 13 3 Ball Plant Japanese Television  
  14. 14 Bloodworm - Marc Riley BBC 6Music Session Japanese Television  

Japanese Television

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